Sticks & Stitches Frequently Asked Questions

Wrought Iron Curtain Rod Questions

  1. Why aren't the brackets included with the rods? Brackets are not included because we sell four different style brackets for installing your rods. You can order traditional curtain rod brackets, cafe style curtain rod brackets, double triple curtain rod bracket for two to three rods or the curtain rod shelf brackets. Selling the brackets separately allows our customers the opportunity to choose the type of application and decor look they want.
  2. Can I get a longer rod? No, the largest rod that we carry has an expansion of 130 inches.
  3. Do you offer a different color other than black for curtain rods? All wrought iron products we sell are only available with a black powder coat baked finish.
  4. Are the finial ends removable? No, the finials on all the rods are permentaly welded to the rod ends. Rods adjust by slidding inside each other.

Wrought Iron Questions

  1. Where is your wrought iron made? All of the wrought iron items are made in the USA. They are designed and made in Central New York by a fellow craftsmen.
  2. Can you get wrought iron in other colors? No, all the wrought iron items are finished with a black powder coat baked finish.

Homespun Fabrics

  1. How wide are the homespun fabrics? All homespun fabrics are 44-45 inches wide. You can click on each fabric picture and navigate to an individual page that give you the width along with description for the size of the checks or plaids.
  2. I need a 54, 60 or 72 inch wide fabric, can you order it for me? We only carry 100% cotton woven homespun fabrics. These wider widths are upholstery or drapery fabrics which we do not carry or order.