Window demonstrates how to measure for curtains and curtain rods

Measuring for Country Homespun Curtains

We have created this page to help you measure your windows prior to placing your order for any country homespun curtains.

How to measure for curtains, tiers, and valances

Measuring Width

To arrive at the proper width of your window, measure from the outside of the molding (not the glass), unless window treatment is inside molding. Fullness should be 1 1/2 - 2 times this measurement, depending on the style of curtain and personal taste.

Measuring Length

To arrive at the proper length for your curtain, measure from the top of molding (not the glass), or top of rod, if rods are already in place, to the point where you want the bottom of your curtain to be. Our rod pocket styles do not include header (ruffle) in the finished length. Example: If you order a 12 inch valance with a 1-1/2 inch header and standard rod pocket, the finished length is 13-1/2". This is particularly important when measuring for an inside installation.

Measuring for Cafe or Tiers (see note)

At the halfway point of the window and resting on the sill, though some like the curtain 2/3 of the way up the window. Some like the curtain to fall below the apron.  Note: Make sure to include rod projection (if any) when figuring curtain fullness.

Measuring tips for a Fishtail Swags

Fish tail swags are a simple treatment suitable for today´s "open look". Fully lined, a variety of sizes, and available in ALL of our fabrics.  To measure first measure the width of window, then the desired drop (meaning where you want the swag to end). To calculate the finished length add your width, plus 2 times the length of your desired drop plus 12 inches to allow for the tail.  Added together these measurements will be your finished length.

Example:  If your window measures 30" wide and you would like a drop of 33" on each side, you would order a 108" length swag. Here's how your measurements add up: 30+33+33+12=108.

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are intended as guidelines only and may not apply in every situation. If your situation is unique or unclear, please email for more assistance.

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