Wrought Iron Plain Style Curtain Tie Back

Wrought iron plain style curtain tie back is simple yet elegant.  Perfect for country decor, primitive, colonial or contemporary home decor.

Wrought iron scroll curtain tie back
Shown with Plain Style Swag Holder

Plain Style Wrought Iron Curtain Tie Back

Silhouette curled end plain style measures approximately 1 inch , mounting portion of bracket extends 3" from woodwork edge, total semi circumference is 10". The plain style curtain tieback comes complete with mounting screws, easy to instal. Sold in pairs only. Made in USA.

Black Matte Finish
Item# CTB87
Price: $26.50 per pair


Coordinate your Plain Style Curtain Tie Back with other Accessories

Coordinate your plain style curtain tie backs with other wrought iron curtain rods and accessories crafted in Central New York.