Wrought Iron Moose Curtain Tie Back

Wrought iron moose curtain tie back is perfect for a rustic, cabin or log home decor. Use to create a moose lodge decor theme for a hunter's den.

Wrought iron moose curtain tie back
Shown with Moose Swag Holder

Moose Wrought Iron Curtain Tie Back

The moose curtain tie back comes complete with mounting screws. Silhouette moose measures 4 1/8"W x 4 3/4"H, mounting portion of bracket extends 3" from woodwork edge, total semi circumference is 10". Sold in pairs only.

Black Matte Finish
Item# 140
Price: $26.50 per pair


Coordinate your Rustic, Cabin or Log Home Decor Theme

Coordinate your rustic, cabin or home decor theme throughout - from the den to the kitchen to the bathroom. The wrought iron moose curtain tie back coordinates with other crafted in Central New York products.