Ideas for Wrought Iron Curtain Rod Shelf Bracket

The wrought iron curtain rod shelf brackets hold endless possibilities for your decorating needs throughout your home.

Mounting the Wrought Iron Curtain Rod Shelf Brackets

Mounting your curtain rod shelf brackets is relatively simple. Mounting screws are included and will work best if you can mount your brackets into wood studding. If you do not have a stud behind your bracket you should use a molly designed to help hold heavy objects in dry wall. Also when using 60" to 130" wrought iron curtain rods you should also install the wrought iron curtain rod shelf bracket center support. The center support bracket is now located on all the curtain rod shelf bracket pages. This bracket supports both your curtain rod and wooden shelf in the middle and help prevent your board from cupping over time.

Uses for Wrought Iron Curtain Shelf Brackets

The wrought iron curtain shelf brackets can be used in many ways in your home decorating. We love the fact that it is a home decor item but is functional. Consider these uses for the shelf brackets:

How to Create a Shelf for Your Curtain Shelf Brackets

Creating the shelf for your wrought iron curtain shelf brackets is a very easy project. Measure your desired length and take that measurement to your local hardware store or lumber yard and ask them to cut a "1 by 6" to your length. Consider adding some length to your shelf to over hang the outside edge of your brackets. It's easy to get the board recut, but you will not be able to grow the board once it's cut.

Once you have your shelf board you should put a finish on it. Prepare your shelf by sanding your board with a fine sand paper, using a little elbow grease you can round down your edges with a courser sand paper. If you know someone with a router, you can have them shape the edges for a more detailed or decorative look. For finishes here are some of my personal favorites: