Homespun Country Kitchen

Homespun country kitchen accessories include appliqued homespun kitchen towels, homespun potholders,table runners, place mats, and grocery bag holders. Our homespun country kitchen accessories coordinate with our homespun country curtains and appliqued kitchen valances.

Green kitchen towel with read apple applique. Shamrock on White and Hunter Green Homespun Kitchen Towel Appliqued Heart on Navy Check Homespun Pot Holder

Homespun Kitchen Towels

Choose apples, cats, hearts, country house, watering can or pies.

Homespun Shamrock Kitchen Towels

Add that special holiday touch to the kitchen. 

Homespun Potholders

include apples, cats, hearts, country houses, watering cans and pies.

Homespun Placemats Plastic Grocery Bag Holder

Homespun Table Runners

Available in three sizes.

Homespun Placemats

Made to Order in our homespun fabrics

Grocery Bag Holders

Available in any of our homespun fabric patterns.